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Hearing Loss in Young Adults

Many young adults do not realize the damage happening to their ears while doing normal, everyday things such as listening to music, going to sporting events, or even doing yard work.

4 Best Free Apps for the Hearing Impaired

4 free mobile apps available on Android and iOS to make your daily routine easier if you have trouble hearing.  

6 Travel Tips For the Hearing Impaired

For those who are hearing impaired the idea of travel may be slightly intimidating. But with these 6 travel tips, you can ensure a better overall travel experience this summer.

Summer Hearing Care

Damage to your hearing is irreversible and damage to your hearing aids can be costly. We’ve compiled a few simple pointers to help you protect your ears while having a fun-filled summer.

New Generation Hearing Centers: A Family Business

“New Generation” isn’t just a part of our name – it’s what we are. Our family has been in the business of audiology since 1974. Inspired by our parents and their clients, myself, Dr. Joseph Duran, and my sister Yvette, decided to pursue an education in the industry and later, open the doors of New Generation Hearing Centers in 2009.