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What to Expect From Your New Hearing Aids

There are quite a few misconceptions about hearing aids and what to expect during your fitting with your audiologist. Prepare yourself by getting familiar with what’s to come!

Celebrate Older Americans and Better Hearing Month

May is reserved as both Older Americans Month and Better Hearing Month, making it the perfect time to start the conversation about age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis.

Smoking Increases the Risk of Hearing Loss

A recent study in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, of over 50,000 participants revealed that cigarette smokers have an increased risk of hearing loss compared to nonsmokers.

When to see an Audiologist vs an ENT Specialist?

Hearing loss can be a complicated occurrence, as it can be linked to other symptoms or illnesses. Because of the complexity of hearing loss, many people can find it difficult to decide where to seek the best help for their hearing issues – an ENT or an Audiologist?

Study Reveals New Medication that Prevents Ototoxic Hearing Loss

A new study reveals that advancements are being made to prevent hearing loss caused by ototoxic medications.