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The Reasons and Benefits to Visiting an Audiologist

Hearing is one of your essential senses. Alongside hearing, your ears are key contributors to your balance. Just like the rest of the body, they are not impervious and can be damaged. Getting your ears checked is something you should do on a yearly basis along with your normal checkup or annual physical. Some of […]

iPhone Apps for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something plenty of people face with endless possible reasons and causes. Don’t be discouraged, there’s good news! We are living in the modern world and everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Even when these phones first came out, everyone was already saying “There’s an app for that!” and that cannot be truer. Maybe […]

Is Hearing Loss Genetic?

Do you ever catch yourself asking people to repeat themselves? Do you find yourself having difficulties while hearing what people have to say? Well, it may be possible that you are suffering from some type of hearing loss. While you ask yourself “how can that be?” it is important to note that according to the […]

Innovations In Hearing / Top 3 Hearing Aid Devices of 2017

Technology is evolving at an incredible fast pace in every aspect of the human experience. From science to entertainment, there’s always a new solution to people’s problems. The fact is that things such as food printing, tablet computing, or using a universal translator were only to be found in books and TV shows three or […]

Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss or deafness is a very important public health issue worldwide. And although it is the third most common physical condition in the United States (after arthritis and heart disease), its treatment is commonly overlooked, with affected patients waiting an average of 7-10 years after the initial hearing loss begins before starting to use […]