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Gift Guide: Best Gifts for the Hearing Impaired

They say it’s the thought that counts, but why not make this the year you give gifts that your loved ones will really enjoy. If someone on your list is hearing impaired, check out this gift guide to find a fun and useful gift they’ll love.


  1. Smart jewelry – Smart jewelry is a fun and functional gift for someone with hearing loss. It looks like normal jewelry but will vibrate and/or flash to alert the wearer of important phone calls, emails, or messages.
  2. Digital doorbell – A digital doorbell is perfect for someone who lives alone or elders experiencing hearing loss. It not only sends an alert to their phone when someone is at the door, it also allows video for them to see and/or sign with the visitor.
  3. DIY kit – Advanced devices can get pretty pricey, so if money’s a bit tight this year, opt for a DIY gift. Buy or create nice packaging and fill with small everyday things that are useful to the recipient such as batteries for their hearing devices, hearing aid cleaners and protective coverings, and ear plugs.
  4. Hearables – Hearables have become more popular this year. They are high-tech devices that go in the ear to not only enhance hearing but also modify specific sounds. They also work with other devices like smartphones, TVs, and other assistive devices to make other everyday tasks easier. You can learn more about these devices here.
  5. Sign language translator – For someone who is interested in using and learning sign language, this translator is the perfect gift. It allows you to type in a word and it will display a video demonstration of the correct sign.


There are also great gifts for children who are hearing impaired such as books on the subject, dolls with hearing aids, and also games that encourage development.

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