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The Life-Changing Power of New Invisible Hearing Aids

If you are coping with hearing loss, whether your own or that of a loved one, you may understand the frustrations that come with this devastating condition. Hearing is but one of the five core senses that help us perceive and navigate our surroundings. There are many causes of hearing loss ranging from listening to music too loud, the result of specific diseases, accidents and even past traumas.

Regardless of the hearing loss itself, you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore with the assistance of invisible hearing aids. While most audiologists prescribe hearing aids that are large and easy to identify from a distance, there is a solution that can keep you from feeling embarrassed. Invisible hearing aids are discrete and can make you feel comfortable in the world again.

Making Hearing Loss More Manageable

Dr. Dr. Joseph K. Durán is a South Florida audiologist who is dedicated to improving the lives of the countless people who suffer from hearing loss near Miami. He takes pride in helping those who suffer from either mild or severe hearing loss and give hope where hope was lost. Invisible hearing aids are paving the way to a higher quality of life due to how they are custom made to fit inside your ear, making them virtually undetectable.

The benefits of invisible hearing aids are countless as they are designed with the most innovative technology that enhance the natural acoustics of your ear. As sound waves travel quickly to your ear, many hearing aids create a loud and uncomfortable ringing as it amplifies even background noise. However, invisible hearing aids come equipped with the ability to direct natural cues and create a more natural sound quality that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Changing the Way You Hear the World

Invisible hearing aids fit deeper in the ear compared to other hearing aids on the market and create less internal vibration and less unnatural sound distortion. They vent the low pitch sound waves and do not cause as much discomfort and occlusion so that you can hear it all. Dr. Joseph K. Durán specializes in customizing invisible hearing aids for severe hearing loss to identify and localize sounds.

With Dr. Durán’s observations, he can adjust each hearing aid to decrease the likelihood of experiencing any unwanted feedback. Invisible hearing aids have built-in multi-memories that can be changed using the most cutting-edge T2 technology so you can regain control of your senses. No matter what environment you are in, the benefits of invisible hearing aids produce the highest quality sound while being discrete to the naked eye so you can reclaim your life.