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Micro CIC

Product Description

Precision and miniaturization have resulted in products that will not only let you understand better but do so with confidence. The Micro CIC model is the industry’s smallest custom hearing aid that gives full confidence by being virtually invisible.

By sitting directly in the ear canal, the Micro CIC hearing aid provides excellent sound; wind noise is effectively reduced and natural directional hearing is possible. A well-crafted, well-fitting in-the-ear hearing aid also offers high wearer comfort. Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing instruments worn deep in the auditory canal are ideal in terms of appearance.

    • Mild to profound hearing loss
    • Battery: 10
    • Performance levels:

– Premium
– Advanced
– Standard

Invisibility to explore life’s rich soundscapes with confidence. The range of custom made products vary from small to invisible, suiting your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

  • Perfect balance between performance and cosmetic appeal
  • Highest wearing comfort and sound quality
  • Individually crafted to fit your ear canal