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Do Music and Hearing Loss go hand-in-hand?

Music plays such an important role in our lives that the simple fact of hearing a song can either bring us to tears or make us smile, it can put us in a state of relaxation or give us the courage to move on. That is why good musicians are considered very special people. And […]

October: Audiology Month

With around 37 million Americans suffering from some type of hearing loss, this has become one of the top three most common health problems in the United States. And, as most people generally wait nearly a decade, after experiencing hearing loss, before attending an audiologist, this amount is expected to increase in the years to […]

The Life-Changing Power of New Invisible Hearing Aids

If you are coping with hearing loss, whether your own or that of a loved one, you may understand the frustrations that come with this devastating condition. Hearing is but one of the five core senses that help us perceive and navigate our surroundings. There are many causes of hearing loss ranging from listening to […]

Android Apps for Hearing Loss

For those of you who are here because you read last month’s blog about iPhone hearing loss apps, welcome back! If you’re dropping in for the first time we hope you enjoy our helpful and resourceful content on hearing loss and the latest hearing aid technology. The technological advancements that have been made in the […]

Modern Technologies and Our Hearing

Twenty years ago, listening to music on your CD player or Walkman was the only time to use headphones. With the evolution of modern technology, we now all carry small mobile devices that have made music and video content incredibly accessible. The revolution of streaming services for both music and videos made headphone use second […]