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Visiting an Audiologist vs. Purchasing a Hearing Aid Online or From Retailers

If you struggle from hearing loss, you are not alone. Approximately 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss. New Generation Hearing Centers understands the stress and frustration hearing loss can cause on a daily basis. Hearing is essential, which is why you need only the best type of hearing aid to enhance your hearing.

Nowadays, hearing aids can be purchased online or at a retail wholesaler such as Costco or Walmart. Warning! There are many variables to consider before buying your hearing aid online or through a wholesaler. Contacting a dedicated hearing center with audiologists who give their time to their patients and provide them with the highest level of customer service is the most appropriate route to take. Plus, they offer top of the line hearing aids that’ll fit your specific needs and are customized just for you. Dr. Joseph K. Durán, New Generation Hearing Centers’ Audiologist, does exactly that. Dr. Durán received a doctorate degree in Audiology at the University of South Florida and began working with hearing loss at a very young age at Caribe Hearing Aids in Miami. He also worked at the University of Miami Ear Institute.


Visiting an Educated and Professional Audiologist like Dr. Durán from New Generation Hearing Centers vs. Purchasing Hearing Aids Online or at Retail Wholesalers
  New Generation Hearing Centers Retail Wholesalers (In-store and online)
Includes hearing health screening

Specializes in hearing health counseling

Same-day service

Free consultation visit

Personalized hearing aids based on your specific needs

Large selection of manufacturers and models

Financing is available

Custom ear molds are priced separately

Require customers to join an annual membership (yearly fee)

Offers a guarantee warranty


New Generation Hearing Cares for Your Health

New Generation Hearing Centers offers a higher level of customer service and personalized hearing aid options to fit your needs. New Generation Hearing Centers has a vast selection of products such as Alta2 Pro Ti, Lyric Hearing aids and our latest product… Oticon OPN. To see a selection of our products, click here.

Dr. Joseph K. Durán and the team at New Generation Hearing Centers diagnose, treat and ultimately help all their patients. They find the underlying cause of hearing loss and make sure each patient is diagnosed correctly and that counseling is provided. Unlike wholesalers, selling a hearing aid is not our top priority. In Dr. Durán’s words, “We believe we are giving a much needed service in an area we know and love to patients that come to us again and again for help.”

Contact New Generation Hearing Centers, for a complimentary “Guide to Better Hearing” to help you better understand hearing loss and how it can affect the quality of your life. If you’d like to have your hearing checked, which is just as important as checking your eyes and teeth annually, contact New Generation Hearing Centers today. There are two centers located in Miami, Florida (one near Coral Gables and one in Westchester).

Enjoy the gift of hearing.